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COMPANY Mobili Baron srl was established in Bassano del Grappa, the home of classic solid wood furniture, a long-standing tradition and an inspiration in the design of particularly beautiful furniture made using artisanal Bassano techniques.
Our furniture is born from a passion for real and natural things like wood, in which we skilfully combine traditional and artistic techniques with industrial innovation to present you with a creation sure to thrill with a warmth only true wood furniture can offer...
This is the Baron world. Our philosophy is - My Home My World - because we believe every home must be unique, a real one-off, and the style of the furniture should be the precise choice of the person creating their own style in their own home - their world.
Therefore, our lines offer classic and modern solutions, along with solutions of character with new French polished, natural or classic finishes, to give the final customer a wide variety of choice.

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